I Love To See The Temple – LDS Photographer Karyann Hoopes Shares Her Love For Temples And The Gospel

Famous people often deal with super-fans and devotees—but did you ever think about LDS temples having super-fans? They do, and temple photographer Karyann Hoopes of the San Tan Heights Ward, in the Queen Creek South Stake, is one of them.

Karyann Hoopes is a mother of three, a BYU-Idaho graduate, and a wedding & portrait photographer.  She is also part of a larger group of 18 temple photographers, and has photographed 37 temples this year alone.

Ethan, Ashley, David, Karyann and Connor Hoopes, photo courtesy of Karyann Hoopes

Ethan, Ashley, David, Karyann and Connor Hoopes, photo courtesy of Karyann Hoopes

“My first experience with LDS temples was at the San Diego Temple open house, in 1993. This led to a desire to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I joined the church a year later, at the age of seventeen,” says Karyann. “My love for temples has grown into a passion to photograph them. I love to learn about the temples and the stories of how people are connected to the temples.”

What originally started off as a Facebook group has now turned into an active mentoring group. Fellow photographer Brother Alan Fullmer, of Cedar Hills, Utah, assembled the group to help others fine tune their skills and showcase each other’s talents. Other purposes for the group were to spread the gospel through a worldwide network of temple photographers and to encourage having a temple picture in every home.

“Alan and I have talked about the value of helping each other,” says Karyann. “We both have a mutual feeling that friends and loyalty are more important than making a dollar.”

Their next big project will be the Mesa Arizona Temple before its closure in spring of 2018. They plan to photograph the Gilbert and Tucson Temples as well, while everyone is gathered in the same area.

Phoenix temple, photo courtesy of Karyann Hoopes

Phoenix temple, photo courtesy of Karyann Hoopes

“It’s remarkable to be with people who share your values, hobbies and love for the Savior.  Being able to share my experiences as I feel the Spirit is what I feel we are asked to do. If I can have a little part in strengthening others’ testimonies, then I am doing the Lord’s work,” says Karyann.

“I love to travel to temples to spend time and feel the spirit but also capture the details of the temple for those that can’t see it or travel to it. Miracles have happened as I share my talent and time with the temples.”

You can learn more about Karyann’s work at and

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