Holidays, and Family, and Clothes, Oh My! Style Tips For Holiday and Family Gatherings

The stress of the holidays is almost inevitable. Hopefully, some weight can be lifted by these three style tips for holiday and family gatherings. Family and friend groups juggle the meals and celebrations in different ways. From formal dinners to last-minute game nights, deciding what to wear can either occupy way too much of your time, or get pushed off until you are five minutes out from go-time. These simple focus areas give much needed direction when you are facing the struggle of putting together a last-minute outfit. In no time, you can create a classy-formal, dressed-down, holiday-spirited outfit for any occasion.

Black bottoms are an easy go-to that can be paired with any style and color top. Photo by: Chrystal Begay

Black bottoms are an easy go-to that can be paired with any style and color top.
Photo by: Chrystal Begay

Black pants. When in doubt, choose dark-colored bottoms. Black pants, leggings, jeans, or skirts provide a simple dash of dress-up class. Dark bottoms and a light-colored top create a look that is difficult to mess up. If you have time, and a wardrobe variety to choose from, velvet-style fabrics are making a comeback. This fabric adds a festive and classy aura no matter what it’s paired with. Peplum style tops are another great go-to for an elegant look in no time!

Blues, reds, greens, and whites. By pairing “holiday colored” patterns (or even solids) with booties, you can create more casual and comfortable holiday outfits. Mixtures of greens, reds, blues and whites of varying styles and patterns build a subtle feeling of festivity. Floral, stripes, plaid or polka-dots can all whisper holiday cheer when they are in these four colors. Any shade, any pattern:  the holiday colors work. Pairing a lightweight flannel with peep-toe or perforated-style booties can give you the more classic fall/winter looks the colder areas of the United States enjoy. More lightweight and open shoes can be worn comfortably in the warmer Arizona temperatures.

Hair up. Nails done. Finally, if you can’t worry about clothes, or you are looking to improve your image beyond the outfit, the next quick improvement can be hair and nails. Wearing your hair pulled up or back is a simple way to take your outfit to the next level. If you can master the messy bun, it is a great way to give any outfit a casual flair. For people who need a more structured bun, look into trying the “sock” bun. By cutting off the end of an ankle sock, you can roll the hair from your pony tail down to your hair tie. This creates a classy ballerina look. For shorter hair, try pinning hair half-up with a clip or the sides back with hairpins. The top knot is another go-to for a casual but put-together look. Having your nails done in a simple, solid, neutral color is another game-changer. The simplest, most no-nonsense painted nails still complete an outfit, especially if no one will be looking too closely.

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