Healthy Living At Muesliikon Green Cafe

Diet is the center of health. Doctors advocate whole foods, including whole grains, fruits, and natural sources of energy. Products with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients demystify our diets. Granola once topped the charts for healthy eating; however, in the last few years added sugar and other questionable ingredients made most brands no better than other snacks and cereals on the market. Lovers of granola and those looking for a healthful addition to the pantry this new year can get back to basics with Muesliikon, and support a local Arizona business too!

Muesliikon Green Cafe Photo by: Muesliikon

Muesliikon Green Cafe
Photo by: Muesliikon

Opened in 2018, Muesliikon Green Café centers around a unique blend of traditional whole grains, fruits, and nuts. Muesliikon comes in three flavors – Original, Vigor (with a variety of nuts), and Vigor de Cocoa. All three are featured in creative recipes served at the Green Cafe. Get a boost with a fruity smoothie, enriched with Vigor. Try the original mix in an antioxidant-packed açaí bowl. Order a parfait with fresh fruit, topped with the newest flavor, Vigor de Cocoa, for a cocoa treat.

Owenr Lelia Adams Essien created her café from a desire to have the same high-quality muesli she enjoyed while studying law at England’s Oxford University. She’d struggled with her weight but had a breakthrough when she started eating muesli for breakfast every morning. Law program finished, some weight gone, and back across the ocean, good muesli was hard to find. Just like granola, most brands started including added sugar, syrups, or ingredients more familiar in a lab than a kitchen, and far from muesli’s roots.

Muesliikon Vigor Photo by: Muesliikon

Muesliikon Vigor
Photo by: Muesliikon

Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner invented muesli as a health food around 1900 while studying the use of raw foods as a medical treatment. Originally served to sick patients, muesli became part of his health retreat in Switzerland. The early recipe, made with whole grains and raw apple, was often soaked overnight with water and lemon juice before it was served with probiotic-rich yogurt. It is just as delicious eaten plain or as an ingredient in healthful recipes.

Muesliikon has no added sugar, high fiber, and very low fat. A diet high in fiber has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar spikes, reducing the strength of cravings and helping to maintain energy throughout the day. Low sugar and low-fat ingredients make Muesliikon a helpful addition to the New Year’s pantry.

Visit Muesliikon Green Café in Gilbert and check out their energizing menu on their website. For a daily portion, all three flavors of Muesliikon are available on shelves at AJ’s Fine Foods.

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