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Healing Balm – LDS Book On Trials Gives Perspective To Suffering

Cover design for The Sweetness of Trial by Madison Crawford.

Cover design for The Sweetness of Trial by Madison Crawford.

The Sweetness of Trial: A Perspective to Help You Win, Not Just Endure by Arizona native Charles P. Malone contains many examples of trials and the healing balm of the Savior’s atonement while in the “eye of the storm.”

In the book’s preface, Malone writes, “Trial is non-denominational. It spares no religion, race or gender. . . the subject matter for this book applies to all residents of planet earth.”

The book contains nuggets of inspiration.

“My mother used to say,” Malone writes, “‘Listen to your body, it will tell you what is right and wrong.’”

His gospel perspective changes the way Malone sees trial, as he said in “The Sweetness of Trial,” a 2010 Mormon Times piece: “When the trial first hits, it seems to come as a thief during the night, unexpected and swift. We are often confused and lost, unable to find a bearing that will give us hope. But if we are able to stand firm in the faith—however impossible it may seem at the time, and ‘seek’ our Father in Heaven in humble supplication, study His words, allow ourselves to feel Christ on our behalf—we will start to feel a peace, a sweetness, a hope, that ‘this too shall pass.’”

“The dress rehearsal is over, we are on camera, lights up—rolling! Take a look around and try to see how you might grow from the experience you are currently having, with an open mind toward becoming better, different, refined.”

Author Charles P. Malone by Brant Photography.

Author Charles P. Malone by Brant Photography.

Malone writes of being “steadfast,” as he talks of Nephi teaching that God expects us to be patient in our afflictions.

“That is how I want to be in confronting trial in my life. Steadfast and moving forward in faith that all will be for my good . . . eventually.”

Married to “the love of his life, Linda, for over fifty-one years” and the father of five children and grandfather of sixteen, Malone uses his many experiences to encourage others to grow from life’s trials and to come closer to our Father in Heaven by feeling the love and comfort He offers each of us.

The Sweetness of Trial by Charles P. Malone is available at Malone is on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and at

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