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Great Grains! Honeyville, Inc. Merges Retail With Wholesale To Bring Good Food To Consumers

For nearly seventy years, Honeyville Grains has been a leader in food ingredient manufacturing—everything from freeze-dried food storage to a staggering variety of flours to product formulation and custom grain milling are on offer for wholesale and business needs.

While the food industry has changed a lot in the past half century, Honeyville’s approach has not.

In 1941, founder Lowell Sherratt Sr. was a citrus farmer, tasked (according to family lore) by then-California Attorney General Earl Warren with sponsoring some Japanese Americans leaving California in the wake of anti-Japanese hysteria spreading across the U.S. following Pearl Harbor. Sherratt immediately sold his home, packed up his family, and led a convoy of Japanese American families to an isolated Utah ranch, where they took up farming. Feelings were bitter, and at first, business happened only under cover of darkness, but Sherratt continued to do what he knew was right.

After years of farming, Sherratt bought a Parowan, Utah, mill in the mid-1950s to crack grain for a Southern California feed company, and moved his operation to Honeyville, Utah—and Honeyville Grains was born.

In the years to come, Honeyville, Inc., has expanded, added technology, added warehouses and distribution facilities—but the company is still owned and operated by the family, and still focuses on people as the cornerstone of its business ethic.

“[W]ith more than 50 years of experience behind us,” Honeyville says on its website, “we recognize more clearly than ever that our continued success must be built upon relationships of trust with our valued customers.”

Honeyville has recently moved with its wholesale operation. Customers who were only familiar with it as a retail operation may not know about its involvement in food manufacturing.

“Most people that know our food storage or gluten-free products are unaware that Honeyville is a major food manufacturer that provides production and packaging services to all of the 20 largest food retailers in the United States, as well as many major name-brand food companies,” says Doug Stoker, Division Manager.

That the retail and wholesale operations have merged will be no deterrent to customers wanting to use Honeyville to fill their food storage needs.

“Although the retail operation has merged with wholesale,” Stoker says, “we still carry a wide variety of freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats that are a great way to begin your food storage with foods that look, feel and taste just like the ones you use now, only they are conveniently packed to be safely stored for many years. We can help you get started with some of the foods you already use and when you are ready to bulk up with the essential grains, we have those for you as well.”

Honeyville stocks over 500 items perfect for long-term storage and emergency preparedness, including meats, dairy, grains, vegetables and fruits. They offer bulk pricing as part of their wholesale operation to retail and home consumers.

Whether retail or wholesale, Stoker assures customers that Honeyville will always take great pride in helping industries and individuals “bring their food dreams to life.”

To learn more, visit https://shop.honeyville.com/

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  1. Hello I am not affiliated with a business. I am a private consumer. I understand your company has gone to California where the prices have escalated so high that it’s unreasonable & impossible for someone like me on a smaller income to shop there. I have sent an email asking if there is a place in Honeyville where one can purchase. I mean is there’s actually a farm in Honeyville? I bought 25 lbs of the all purpose bleached white flour for $9 and some odd cents. To buy the flour in California it is 50 pounds for almost $60. I’ve been using this flour for probably the last eight years and have also been baking with your dried honey. If it’s over it’s over, but please let me know. I can’t help but hope that you haven’t left us here without the capability to purchase your products at Utah prices.
    Thank you
    Tanna Chournos
    Ogden Utah
    Oh 801-695-6030

  2. Hello, Tanna … I do believe you meant to contact Honeyville Grains directly. We are the Arizona Beehive which wrote about Honeyville, but are not at all associated with them! Here is their contact information:

    1040 West 600 North
    Ogden, UT 84404
    p. (385) 374-9400
    f. (385) 298-0133

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