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Find Help Phoenix Helps Our Community Find Health And Social Services

Each community has unique needs, and these are best known by those that serve them. However, connecting members to the right providers is a never-ending struggle. Those in greatest need of support often have several factors making their search for help harder, like tight budgets, limited transportation, and language barriers., and its Spanish equivalent, is a resource in place for Maricopa County in place for community members to find low cost, local, accessible help for essential resources during challenging times.

Community support from Photo by LDS Media Library

Community support from
Photo by LDS Media Library

Created in 2012 by social worker Adrienne Decker Delgado with the help of her husband Jesse, a computer programmer, began in response to a clear and urgent need for a more effective resource guide. Those who came to Adrienne and Maricopa County Public Health for assistance struggled to navigate existing referral systems. These systems caused confusion, were difficult to navigate, and often had outdated or inaccurate listings. Adrienne populated the site with 1000 free and low-cost resources she had available and pushed for the site to become a community-supported resource, opening communication for users to suggest new listings, update existing entries, and recommend fixes.

“Today, the site contains more than 1,500 resources in 18 categories,” says Jeanene Fowler, Program Operations Administrator with Maricopa County Public Health. “The most searched categories in 2017 were Housing/Utilities, Healthcare, Food/Clothing and Mental Health/Addiction services. This tells us the majority of our visitors are looking for basic needs type services.”

A quick search of the resources available make clear its value to families in need. Currently funded by First Things First, Arizona’s state-funded organization for the promotion of early education and health programs for Arizona’s children under 5, is positioned to do immense good in connecting young families with necessary support.

Finding help in Phoenix. Photo by

Finding help in Phoenix.
Photo by

Maricopa County in Arizona is, according to the most recent US census data, one of the fastest growing counties in the country. is growing with the county and can more effectively reach those who need services with the help of the community. Families and individuals who can benefit from the services on the directory first need to know it’s there, free to use and easy to reach.

“The directory is amazing,” says Susan Levy, Communications and Community Relations Coordinator of Native Health Phoenix. “I share this resource with everyone we meet. There isn’t anything like it and it is superior to any product out there. Everyone is appreciative for the current and easy to understand [and use] information.”

Visit or to explore the site and the resources available, and contact Adrienne for a presentation of the site and its mission. Email with any non-profit resources that haven’t been included in the site, as well as changes to information.


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