Financial Climate Change: Certified Financial Planners Draw on Expertise and Experience to Help Clients Reach Goals

A college acquaintance introduced Don Crandell to the world of insurance and financial services, and, after trying a few other things, Crandell recognized that he not only enjoyed the work, he saw a need in the community. To fill that need, Crandell joined Country Financial. The rest is now a story of a 30-year career and the thousands of clients he has served.

The insurance and financial services industry was hard for him at first. “It’s so difficult to get into it and make it work,” he explains, “but, like anything worthwhile,” putting in the work paid off. “It’s been a great career,” Crandell says.

He worked as an agent with Country Financial for four years, then was manager over the East Valley operations for 15 years. A little more than a decade ago, Crandell received the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) through the University of Phoenix College of Financial Planning.

Qualifying as a CFP professional requires extensive training and experience. A CFP is held to rigorous ethical standards, and, because they understand the complexities of the financial climate and the options available, “we can help more people do more things,” Crandell says.

Clients appreciate Crandell’s experience, honesty, and attentiveness, and his practical, family-oriented, more conservative approach.

He also has a reputation for “being there for people when things get tough,” Crandell says. “I help people know that there’s going to be ups and downs, to reassure and to help them know how to manage these.”

Crandell, who is a member of the Preston Ward, Red Mountain Stake, and has served in many Church callings, including as a bishop and a temple ordinance worker, says he has seen time and again played out in real life the idea that “all the things we receive through a lot of good counsel from our leaders.” He says this particularly applies to getting out of debt and to saving for the future.

“Being prepared can make a big difference, and protecting what you have today is important, too,” Crandell says. “There are spenders and there are savers. Even people who don’t make a great deal of money have the ability to learn how to save and to work hard to be a saver.”

“What happens for people once they start saving is an exciting adventure,” Crandell adds. “Miracles can happen.”

Danny Fuentes and Don Crandell are partners in the Country Financial office in East Mesa.

Danny Fuentes and Don Crandell are partners in the Country Financial office in East Mesa.

Crandell and his partner, Danny Fuentes, enjoy helping clients see these miracles come true, with insurance and financial planning products that are consistently rated A+.

“We start simply by asking questions, getting to know their goals and where they want to get,” Crandell says.

He and Fuentes work with clients to formalize a plan, including encouraging clients to “start simple, then review their progress yearly, and make adjustments as necessary.”

“We’re proud of our reputation and work hard to earn your trust,” Crandell says.

Their Country Financial office, located at 1423 S. Higley Road, Ste. 106, Mesa (Higley and Southern), is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and evenings by appointment. To contact Don Crandell, call the office at 480-649-9699 or email

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