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FHE Corner – Tackle Your To-Do List During Family Home Evening

Learn time management and the value of work by checking items off your to-do list this FHE. Photo by Robin Finlinson

Learn time management and the value of work by checking items off your to-do list this FHE. Photo by Robin Finlinson

In his discourses, President Brigham Young said, “The religion of Jesus Christ is a matter-of-fact religion, and taketh hold of the every-day duties and realities of this life.”

There are countless worthwhile things to do, and we wonder when we’ll find time to do many of them. Some are fun; others are necessary drudgeries. How about occasionally incorporating them into Family Home Evening?

Instead of a sit-down-and-listen lesson, perhaps have everyone get up and take care of a few nagging things that have been put off. If the most daunting tasks could take hours to complete, set a timer for 15 minutes and get them started. That start can relieve stress immediately and propel you forward later. And a family with less stress is a happier, healthier, more loving family. After your foray into provident time management, gather together to celebrate how much better you feel.

Other good things to do together:

*Look through digital photos of family events that are waiting to be used. Choose some to print, post on social media, email to other relatives, etc.

*Videotape or record the voice of each family member sharing a memory.

*Call or Facetime with a relative you haven’t spoken to for a while.

*Research one of your ancestors.

*Index a batch at familysearch.org. With help, even young children can type in names and be part of that fulfilling work.

*Write a letter/email to a missionary.

*Write memories in your journals – or on any paper you have.

*Go shopping! Collect items for food storage or 72-hour emergency kits at a local store or online. Several websites list essential items.

*Discuss your typical weekly or monthly income and expenses. Brainstorm creative ways of conserving funds.

*Organize a drawer or closet. Remove old clothes that may be donated or sold.


*Prepare a healthy meal.

*Work on memorizing the Scout Oath and Law or the Young Women Theme.

*Read/discuss the First Presidency’s Message in the Ensign.

*For a fresh way to get several things accomplished, create a simple game board on a whiteboard, chalkboard or paper.

  1. Draw as many squares as your schedule and attention span will allow, and write whatever you want in them!
  2. Choose one small object or magnet for a game piece.
  3. Decide how you’ll play:
  1. Stop at each successive square until the end.
  2. To add a bit more fun, create a circular board. Roll a die, move that number of spaces, and perform whichever activity you land on. Keep playing until you’ve arrived at each square.

Increase the tranquility in your home this week by tackling things on your to-do list.

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