FHE Corner Family Home Evening

FHE Corner: Family Home Evening Infuses Our Families With Power

Learning about the Savior’s grace. Photo by Robin Finlinson

Learning about the Savior’s grace. Photo by Robin Finlinson

Entropy, the gradual decline to disorder, happens in the natural world. To keep our families from deteriorating and instead cause them to flourish, we must expend energy on them. Family Home Evening infuses our families with power. It’s a spiritually and scientifically sound use of our time.

Here are lesson and activity ideas that vary in time and work required to accomplish them. Even when the weekly schedule looks full to the brim, we can squeeze in a tiny moment to power up our families.

*New sibling in the home? Show your family that your heart remains full of love for your first child. Though that love is now shared, it’s still as strong. To demonstrate, light a candle. Use the candle’s flame to light another. The first flame doesn’t diminish. Both become equal.FHE Corner

*Practice an Article of Faith or a scripture you’re ponderizing. Throw a ball to each person. As someone catches it, he or she says the next word. Stand or sit in a circle – or even a swimming pool!

*Practice reciting commandments. There are conveniently ten—that’s one for each finger! Google “learn the Ten Commandments” to find images and YouTube videos aplenty with various quick ideas for using fingers to remember them. When there’s literally just one minute to spiritually energize your family, see how fast they can run through the commandments.

*Lesson about grace:

– Cut out two hearts.

– Label one “hard heart” and the other “humble heart.” Attach them to two people’s shirts.

  • Next, fill two glasses halfway with liquid, and give them to those same people.
  • Explain that we all have imperfections (so we’re like a glass half full) and we’ll never become whole without the Savior’s assistance. Though He wants to help everyone achieve perfection, He can only perfect those who choose to let Him.
  • Finally, fill the glass of the person with the “humble heart,” representing that Jesus Christ makes up the difference with His grace.

*Celebrate one or each member of the family. Look at schoolwork or art they’re proud of. Listen as they tell of their interests or play a song on an instrument. Give them your full attention.

Strong communities are built by strong families. Stronger communities are built when families reach outside of themselves, expending even more energy, and form bonds of friendship and trust.

*Invite neighbors who also cherish the Bible to practice reciting the Ten Commandments with you, as mentioned above.

*Invite neighbors from another country over to tell about their homeland. Perhaps ask them to bring a dish or dessert from that country to share, and offer a treat you’ve made.

*Help a senior to become comfortable on a computer or cell phone. Elderly people need to feel useful, as well as loved, to stay healthy. As more and more church callings and activities require the internet, some seniors feel left out.

*Commit to helping regularly with a project posted at justserve.org – perhaps once a month. More volunteering options are posted every day, such as playing cards with seniors.

Whatever you do this week, enjoy the power that comes from your Family Home Evening!




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