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Family History Focus: Finding Names to Take to the Temple is Now Easier than Ever

Family HistoryHow many times have you said or heard someone say, “All my family history work has been done”? Until recently our focus was to find ancestors whose temple work needed to be done. With Find, Take, Teach, a recent addition to, we now look for our ancestor’s descendants (our cousins) needing their ordinances completed, take their names to the temple, teach someone else how to do the same, then repeat the process over again.

The Find, Take, Teach tab appears on the Family Search home page once you’ve signed in. By clicking on the “Learn More” button, you’ll be taken to a page where three boxes appear on your screen that say “Find, Take, Teach”.

FIND. Under the Find button you’ll see “Explore Your Tree.” Click on the blue “Get Started” button and watch a video explaining how Find, Take, Teach works.

Then, go to your Family Tree and change from the pedigree view to fan chart view. A fan chart will appear on your screen with your name in the middle. Hover your mouse over a name in an outer ring and a small fan symbol will appear. When you click on that symbol, a new fan chart is created with that person’s name in the middle. Find someone who was born around 1750, for instance—now click their name and put them in the middle of the fan. Using the Descendancy View icon you’ll see that ancestor’s descendants. On the upper right side of the screen you’ll see a drop down tab that says “Show”—from here, unclick all the boxes except the “Request Ordinances” and “Spouses” buttons.

After the system restores itself, you’ll see the list of descendants. Look for names that have a right arrow beside them. Click on them, now looking for someone born in the 1880s, for example. Look for the green temple icons to the far right. Click on one, and a pop-up will appear showing either that ordinances are ready to be requested (which you can now do) or that the work is in progress. If a message appears saying “possible duplicate,” skip this name for now.

TAKE. Under “Check Reservations,” click on the blue button and you’ll be taken to a page that lists the names you’ve reserved. Select the names, print out the Family Ordinance Request form and take it to the temple. The request will be scanned there and your cards will be printed.

TEACH. Under “Teach,” click on the button that says “Learn More”. You’ll be taken to a page that lists many resources about family history that you can listen to or download. These include downloadable classes and tools to host your own family history events with support from RootsTech, Salt Lake’s yearly family history and technology conference.

By following the instructions on FamilySearch and using this guideline, you should be able to find many cousins waiting for their work to be done—and what’s more, you’ll be able to train others to help get that work done even faster. If you need help, contact your ward family history consultant.

Learning to use the Find, Take, Teach tool is a great Family Home Evening lesson and a good Sabbath Day activity.


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