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Find a grave is one of many free genealogy apps. Using the Find a Grave app, you can upload and find ancestors’ graves in minutes. Photo courtesy of Find a grave.

Find a grave is one of many free genealogy apps. Using the Find a Grave app, you can upload and find ancestors’ graves in minutes. Photo courtesy of Find a grave.

If you want to knock your grandparents’ socks off, tell them you do family history on your phone! Then grab their device and download one of the cool new apps that are out there, and teach them how to use it.

FamilySearch has made it easy to find the latest and greatest. After signing in on, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on “App Gallery.”

There you’ll find apps for every category of family history work with helps for finding, connecting, organizing, and exploring your family tree.

Next time you’re at Grandma’s house, try out one of the extensions of FamilySearch, the Memories app. When she starts talking about the good ol’ days, snap a picture and hit record. Stories and photos can immediately be shared to the site for all your cousins to see. Currently, up to five minutes of audio can be uploaded.

If you’re pursuing missing temple ordinances, start with Hope Chest. It is a downloadable app available for iPad, iPod, and iPhone that will allow you to search Family Tree from your device. It then compiles a list of needed ordinances much faster than you can just by clicking around your pedigree hunting for ‘green temples.’ Find how-to videos on their website:

Here are a few more free sites:

Grandma’s Pie is a visualization tool that allows you to see where your ancestry is from at a glance. It organizes your Family Search tree data in pie chart format in order to give valuable insight about your ancestry’s origins.

Tapgenes helps you collect, preserve, and share family history health information to help you care for the ones you love.

Become more familiar with your ancestors’ names and faces and see how you are related to them by playing Ancestor Guru’s Scrambled Ancestors game.

And how much fun is this? Baby Ancestry scans your ancestors and provides a list of name suggestions. Tap a name to see the people, pictures, and stories behind that name. Easily view boy names, girl names, or both.

The Find a Grave and Billion Graves apps are much more than databases of graves. If you’re cemetery hopping, the apps also have a useful feature showing exactly where a cemetery is located and how long it will take to get there from your current location. With a device you can create memorials on the spot with stories and pictures of your ancestors’ graves and upload immediately.

Familiar sites that you may have accessed on your computer are free phone apps as well, like Ancestry, My Heritage, and, of course, FamilySearch. All the apps listed in the App Gallery interface with Family Tree.

Whether it’s a chart or general data you’re after, a place to view and share stories and photos, or more sites for researching an ancestor — there’s an app for that.

Final note: only your grandparents still use the phrase knock your socks off.

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