Family Completes Three Week Service Project, Doing Chores In 25 Cities Across The Nation

Family Completes Three-Week Service Project, Doing Chores in 25 Cities Across the Nation

By Stephanie Abney

Family Completes Three-Week Service Project, Doing Chores in 25 Cities Across the Nation

This summer, when Gregg and Kami Murset and their six children prepared for a three-week cross-country road trip, their packing list hardly looked like they were leaving on vacation. Instead of toys and games, they packed paintbrushes, cleaning supplies, shovels and tools.

The Mursets are members of the Desert Wells Ward, Queen Creek Arizona Stake. Brother Murset is a certified financial planner and founder and CEO of My Job Chart. His website promotes a strong work ethic. It teaches kids how to handle money, including saving, and spending and, also, sharing with others.

Brother Murset says “giving back” is at the heart of what My Job Chart is about, and he wanted his children to have a powerful “giving back” lesson of their own. After careful advance planning, they were ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Family Completes Three-Week Service Project, Doing Chores in 25 Cities Across the Nation

The Murset family, of Gilbert, spent 23 days traveling to 21 states, stopping to perform service for families in 25 cities along the way. Shown here are (back row, l to r) the Mursets: (front row, l to r) Spencer, Adam, Sterling and Sydney; and (back row, lto r) father Gregg, Sierra, Zach and mother Kami with Nichol Mattson, a recipient of their service in LaFayette, Colorado. Photo courtesy of

An RV was equipped, complete with “Working Across America,” painted in big letters on the side. Another slogan on the RV was “Kids doing jobs for charity.” Cities they would travel to had been mapped out; and, with the help of local charities, families that needed a helping hand had been identified.

On July 29, Gregg, Kami and their six children—Sterling, 7; Spencer, 9; Adam, 11; Sydney, 13; Sierra 15; and Zach, 16—started out. Over the next 23 days, they stopped in 25 cities in 21 different states, did more than 300 chores, covered 6,511 miles from Phoenix to New York and back and burned in excess of 1,000 gallons of gas. The fuel pump went out in the middle of New Mexico and, on the way home, the air conditioner broke, but they never had time to get it fixed.

As they helped various families, from those dealing with serious illness to others experiencing financial setbacks, the children wrote in their journals each evening. They recorded their feelings about the service they gave and the people they met. Some of their journal entries, along with a photo gallery of their travels, are posted online under the “Working Across America” link at

The Mursets washed cars, mowed lawns, weeded, stacked wood, dusted, vacuumed, painted and did whatever chores were needed. One night, seven-year-old Sterling wrote, “We made 100 burritos at the Ronald McDonald House today. It was fun.”

Gregg and his family were interviewed by local and national reporters and TV stations at nearly every stop along the way, even being featured on and the Ellen DeGeneres site.

“We saw compassion close up and personal each and every day,” says Brother Murset. He tells about parents they met who gave up their dream job or building their dream house because their child was sick and they needed to focus on caring for them.

“I think our kids see the world differently now. They have learned empathy for others, not only because they have stood in their home and met them, but because they have served them. Service softens and changes hearts for the better.”

Sister Murset says, “This family trip was different than any we have ever taken. It was a sweet experience that will get sweeter as we grow older and our children grow up.”

The entire family agrees that it was an amazing experience for them—and something they would like to do again.

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