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Every Investigator Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Missionary! Preach Supply Outfits Missionaries For Success

Look good, feel good. Dress for success. Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.

We’ve all heard and understand such admonitions. While on his 2007 – 2009 mission to Madrid, Spain, Preach Supply founder Sam Jones realized that he was not enjoying any of these concepts. “I quickly understood that a baggy suit and bad-fitting shirts made me stand out as a bit of a sore thumb in an urban EU mission,” explains Jones.

Thus was born the inspiration for Preach Supply, a Gilbert-located men’s and women’s clothier that specializes in setting up men and women entering the mission field for well-dressed success.

A full selection for every missionary. Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

A full selection for every missionary. Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

“I bought three new suits while on my mission,” recalls Jones. “The way I dressed as I arrived in Spain did not appeal to the urban locals.” Preach Supply works to make sure other missionaries do not experience the same thing Sam did upon his mission field arrival. Because, in contrast, being well dressed, especially in the urban cities of the world, increases opportunity for ecclesiastical interaction with the locals.

To achieve this goal, Preach Supply offers “ready-to-wear suits and accessories with an attention to modern fit, fresh design, and of course, durability.” Sam is also a clothing designer and specializes in fitted clothing. “We’ll have a Preach-branded line of suits in early 2019. And I am currently designing a line of missionary socks!”

Past and future Missionaries welcome! Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

Past and future Missionaries welcome! Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

The company’s philosophy of setting up missionaries for success includes more than just selling clothes. “We work to connect outgoing missionaries with people who’ve served in areas to which they are called.” Preach supply is driven by return missionaries who would have appreciated such insight prior to serving their missions.

Sam and three partners work together on ordering and logistics, product creation, outreach and communications, with Sam focusing on the vision and growth of the company. “We just made one of our employees a partner because we could never have found a better team mate.”

When Sam prepared for his mission in 2007, there was no Instagram or social media as we know it today. “Kids are very fashion conscience. They know trends and what they want to wear when they arrive at our store, mostly from their use of Instagram. Because of this we carry brands that kids know and want,” such as Van Heusen, Herschel Supply, Timex, Johnston & Murphy, Dockers and Mission Belt Co.

Women are served well, as well. Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

Women are served well, as well. Photo courtesy of Preach Supply

The Preach Supply team works hard to outfit missionaries with all the items necessary to serve their missions with confidence, while also catering to the needs of local members of the Church. “We have attorneys from our ward who’ve purchased suits from us. Most of the women’s clothes we sell are purchased by women not serving missions. We have helped less active members and investigators suit up or dress up for church. We’ve also had members approach us willing to sponsor people that might need financial help getting outfitted for their missions.”

Sam, his wife Nicole, and their two children are members of the Alameda Ward in the Tempe Arizona Stake. Nicole works at one of the East Valley’s most popular hair salons, Habit Salon, which sits in the same Gilbert retail center as Preach Supply.

On the wall inside the store, customer read “If ye have desires to serve … ye are called to the work” (D&C 4:3). Being called today does not mean serving without purse or script. In order to be attractive to those wanting and needing the message of Christ offered by our missionaries, they need to be properly prepared and dressed. Sam philosophizes “one size fits all suites do not serve those that serve!”

Preach Supply

4331 E Baseline Rd Ste. 105, Gilbert, AZ 85234


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