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Enjoy A Christmas Holiday Romance Series Released By Three East Valley Authors

Based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, three local authors, Valerie Ipson, Tamara Passey and Peggy Urry, have published a new Christmas romance series about three modern-day characters.

Christmas Future, written by Valerie Ipson, is about Scarlett, who puts her Arizona wedding plans on hold while she works her PR magic in Alaska. She meets a warm-hearted doctor: “Can he be just the prescription for lifting her cold, Scrooge-like spirit?” Ipson writes.

Ipson says her favorite line in her book is “Maybe I’m a little more ‘bah humbug’ than ‘ho,
ho, ho’ right now, but for the good of the merry and the jolly, I’ll keep it to myself.”

A new Christmas romance series by local LDS authors released this November. Photo by Ipson, Passey & Urry

A new Christmas romance series by local LDS authors released this November.
Photo by Ipson, Passey & Urry

Eleanor and the Christmas Carol Fudge, written by Tamara Passey, reminds us that “love and family matter most.” This story is about Eleanor, who is trying to save her grandmother’s fudge business. In the process, she becomes like Scrooge. She hires a consultant who turns out to be her old high school crush. “Will the Christmas Spirit melt her heart, or will she miss out on the love of her life?” asks Passey.

One of Passey’s favorite lines in the book is “If life was too short not to live, then surely love was too precious not to give,”

A Christmas Carol for Candy, written by Peggy Urry, finds Candy Kaine jilted by a philandering fiancé and fighting for the manor that houses the local college in her small town. Jace, a young man who escaped the small town and is suffering from an ugly break-up, is given an incredible career opportunity. It will take him back to his home town to work against Candy’s efforts to save her college: “Will Past, Present, and Future experience help Candy overcome her challenges? Will Jace find a solution before he loses what is most important?”

The books are available as a boxed set titled Holiday Romance Collection: Inspired by A Christmas Carol. Each novel is a “sweet romance” story, which means they are clean and without “R” rated content.

The three-book boxed set is available on Amazon.

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