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Doctor Puts into Practice her Love of Service and desire to follow the Spirit

Dr. Brittany Snow (center) with the other two providers at Canyon Pediatrics, Dr. Nguyen (l) and Dr. Kosiorek.

Dr. Brittany Snow (center) with the other two providers at Canyon Pediatrics, Dr. Nguyen (l) and Dr. Kosiorek. Photo courtesy of Canyon Pediatrics.

Dr. Brittany Snow has been with Canyon Pediatrics in Gilbert for eight years. She speaks three languages, which enables her to treat many children, and she specializes in serving the Hispanic community.

Dr. Snow grew up in Tucson, with her five siblings and decided to be a doctor while helping the nurse at Girls Camp when she was about 15.

“Becoming a doctor was reconfirmed later while working at my dad’s office. I watched my father, (an eye surgeon) give sight back to his patients and decided it was, for me, the most noble of professions,” says Dr. Snow.

She chose pediatrics because of her love for children.

“I love kids. I relate to them well, and I enjoy the challenge of diagnosis when they can’t tell me what’s wrong.”

Drawn to Hispanic community, Dr. Snow says, “They are very family oriented. I love that they call little babies ‘Mami,’ and ‘Papi,’ like ‘Little Mom,’ and ‘Little Dad.’ They are a lot like the Italians I came to love on my mission.”

Dr. Snow also works with children in her Church calling, teaching Primary in the Chandler West Stake.

She says, “There are five little girls in my class. We have twirling contests at the end.” She also has had many occasions to return to Girls Camp to serve as the camp doctor.

She gives general advice to all her patients, telling them especially, “Teach your children to swim,” and she also relies on inspiration regarding specific patients. Dr. Snow says, “The ‘Art of Medicine’ is not an exact science and, many times, especially with little ones, it is a matter of gut feeling or ‘promptings’ that will lead me to consider a more serious problem when, medically speaking, the patient looks ok.”

One incident when the Spirit guided her occurred several years ago. “A mother of five brought in her four-month-old baby girl who was not feeding well,” Dr. Snow says. “The baby’s vital signs were all normal and she wasn’t coughing, but something just seemed wrong to me. I sent the mom home, asking for a urine sample. She brought it back later and said the baby seemed to be doing better. Even the urine tested normal. I still felt worried about this little patient.”

She felt like the baby needed to be taken to the emergency room, but the family didn’t have insurance.

“I didn’t want to strap them with a large ER bill. However, I couldn’t ignore the feeling that something wasn’t right,” Dr. Snow says. “The mom was also LDS. I shared my concern and recommended an ER visit. The mom thanked me for my honesty and went to the emergency room.”

“The next day I called the mom, half expecting her to be upset for the unnecessary hospital visit, but the mother cried and thanked me for listening to the Spirit. At the ER the baby’s vitals were fine but an hour later her oxygen dropped and she ended up needing to be intubated. She had pneumonia and very likely would have stopped breathing in her sleep that night. Like many pediatric issues, she did not have the typical signs of any lung problems. I will never forget that little baby, and I will forever listen to the promptings I get at work as I do in the rest of my life,” says Dr. Snow.

Dr. Snow is accepting new patients at Canyon Pediatrics, located at 2451 East Baseline Road, Suite 130, in Gilbert. For more information, visit www.behcon.net or call 480-507-2199.

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  1. Brittney snow is no longer at canyon pediatric and they will not tell me where she has moved
    if SOMEONE could please help in finding DR BRITTNEY SNOW PLEASE……

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