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Deseret Book Author’s Latest Book Discusses Men of Covenant

By Cecily Markland

Deseret Book Author’s Latest Book Discusses Men of Covenant

Men of Covenant:  Oaths, Covenants and Transcendent Promises, recently released by Deseret Book, offers an in-depth discussion of the responsibilities and promises associated with the oath and covenant of the priesthood. Courtesy of Deseret Book

In his latest publication, released in late April by Deseret Book, author Robert L. Millet explores the power, scope and responsibilities of the priesthood.

Men of Covenant: Oaths, Covenants, and Transcendent Promises follows two other works directed to men of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Men of Valor,” Brother Millet says, “explores the Lord’s call to be men of strength and integrity” and Men of Influence, encourages men to “let your light shine, to be the salt of the earth.”

“This third book I felt more passionate about,” the author says. “This book is more specific. It is a serious study of the oath and covenant of the priesthood. It takes each verse, and considers not just what it means, but what it means to men in our day.”

Men of Covenant explains what God calls on us to do and what he promises to do for us if we do those things,” Brother Millet explains.

The description from Deseret Book says, “Each chapter of Men of Covenant explores a particular facet of D&C 84:33–44. While the book is written primarily to men, the lessons it teaches and the principles of covenant-keeping it elucidates are just as relevant to the women of the Church …”

Brother Millet, coordinator of Religious Outreach and a professor emeritus of ancient scripture and former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, is author or editor of over 70 books and 175 articles and book chapters dealing mostly with the doctrine and history of the Church.

He has served in a number of callings in the Church, including as a high councilor, bishop of two wards, stake president and temple ordinance worker. He and his wife, Shauna, are the parents of six children

Deseret Book Author’s Latest Book Discusses Men of Covenant

Robert L. Millet’s is the author of the new, Men of Covenant, which follows Men of Valor and Men of Influence and brings his total to more than 7o published books and 175 articles. Courtesy of Robert L. Millet

He says he found specific, personal application as he researched and wrote his latest book. “It caused me to do some serious introspection, and I think will encourage others to do the same and ask some hard questions in terms of, ‘What am I falling short of?’ and ‘What am I allowing to be distractions in my life?’”

Brother Millet says, while the book discusses things to watch for and subtle temptations that may distract from one’s duties, it also explores the promises that come with covenant-making and the “incomparable blessings that are available to those who magnify their calling and live by every word of God.”

“It’s very hopeful,” Brother Millet says. “There are great things ahead. We have every reason to have what Elder Maxwell calls, ‘gospel gladness,’ or a mixture of divine discontent and a perfect brightness of hope.”

Men of Covenant: Oaths, Covenants, and Transcendent Promises is available at Deseret Book stores and online at deseretbook.com.

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