The Reality of Personal Revelation

Teaching our children about the glorious reality of two-way communication with heaven is one of the greatest services we can do for them. How about discussing personal revelation in the setting of Family Home Evening?

Founded On Principles Of Frugality: American Savings Life Insurance Company Honors Frihoff Grant Allen’s 44 Years of Service

American Savings Life Insurance Company, headquartered in Mesa, honored Frihoff Grant Allen for his 44 years of service in the company. Grant, as he was known, passed away in 2018 and the award was bestowed posthumously to his wife, Tiffany Allen.

American Savings Life Insurance Company opened its doors in 1954. Grant played an important part in the company by designing a computer program specifically for insurance that was ahead of its time. The computer system filled two entire rooms and Grant obtained several patents on his programs.

Well Fed: Parker Bradshaw Twists Parker’s Pretzels Into An Entrepreneurial Success

The first thing you notice as you walk into the Whole Grain Natural Bread Company is the wonderful smell—a mix of wheat, chocolate, and a little cinnamon. As you turn to the right, you can see the latest addition to the menu choices inside the bakery: Parker’s Pretzels.

Life Skills Summer Checklist

Missionaries’ duties and tools have changed drastically in the last few years, and the social expectations of 18- and 19-year-olds have dropped just as dramatically. With school out, take advantage of this time to ensure your prospective missionary won’t find ‘adulting’ as mysterious a set of skills as their peers.

All Ages, All Faiths, One Voice: Local Choir Participants Go The Distance For The Love of Music and Their Fellow Men.

Her sister, Emily, mentioned she was going to audition for a choir. Christi Alder (Aspen Ward, White Mountain Stake) thought it sounded like fun and decided she would too. Nine years later, Christi, her sister, and 23 immediate members of the Wilcken family of Mesa continue to sing with the 4,000 choral participants and 500 orchestra participants of the Millennial Choirs and Orchestra (MCO). Other friends and family also participate at the other four MCO locales in California, Idaho, Texas and Utah.

My Roots Gave Me Wings

She died shortly after the dance. Susette Stalé Cardon was 86 years old, after all.  She had been chatting about dress styles and dances with granddaughters and nieces near Tucson, Arizona. Her lively steps exemplified her and her family’s faith and fortitude.

She left her homeland at age 19. She learned the dance of the grapes as a young girl, perhaps at one of the dances on the hill above her hometown of Angrogna, Italy.

An Artist In Our Midst: How One Man’s Art Represents a Lifetime of Knowledge

From the outside, John Horejs’s suburban home appears no different than the neighboring houses. It is what happens on the inside that truly inspires.

Horejs, a local West Valley artist, is currently busy preparing 40 pieces for his next show. Just inside the front door, his studio is flooded with a beautiful northern light—“the best for painting,” states Horejs—and surrounded by completed works as well as positive messages accompanied by a soundtrack of soft music by a French singer.

Maggie’s Place: A Loving Home For Mothers And Babies In Need

Can you describe the emotion you feel when you see a homeless person? Sympathy? Sadness? Guilt? How would you feel seeing a homeless, pregnant woman? It was the indescribable feeling of sorrow and sympathy, imagining the hardships that those women must be facing, that inspired three young women to create Maggie’s Place.

Love For The Game – From Soccer To Sharing Gospel Principles, Jeff Erickson Puts Passion Into Practice

Along with running a successful Texas-based dental practice, Dr. Jeffrey T. “Jeff” Erickson has put several of his favorite pastimes and passions into practice—and into presentations and print as well.

“I have a passion for writing and speaking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to youth,” Dr. Erickson says. He’s put that passion to good use, serving as a Gospel Doctrine teacher for six years, participating as a speaker at Especially for Youth each year since 2001, and, when serving as a bishop, writing “more than 250 weekly letters of encouragement to missionaries all over the world.”

The Faces Of Heavenly Father’s Children: Arizona Latter-day Saint Families Foster Hope As Foster Parents

It’s estimated that more than 400,000 children will pass through America’s foster care system this year. That’s hundreds of thousands of opportunities—for both foster parents and those who support fostering—to change a child’s life.

“As a community, it’s important for us to be aware of the children who are in care and to find ways to get involved, even if it is not becoming a foster parent. Everyone has a role to play,” asserts Anika Robinson, of the Gilbert Arizona Gateway Stake.