What’s The Buzz?

“Success isn’t the absence of failure, but going from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm!”

This thought has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and others who’ve shared a common lot in life: Each experienced lots of failure! And each emerged with what is surely considered cumulative success in their hard-fought endeavors.

5 For $25: Pro Tips For Surviving Arizona Summers

Surviving Arizona summers is no small feat, especially with young kids. This month’s 5 for $25 include tips from the pros: those families who know how to stay busy without insane spending. This survival guide show families where the water, shade, and cheap indoor activities are hidden away.

“I Am A Singer!” BYU’s All-Male Acapella Group Shares Their Thoughts About Their Unique College Experience

It’s not surprising to go to a school choir performance and see more girls than boys represented on stage. Vocal Point, a BYU all-male acapella group, entertains audiences over and over again. One common theme among the members is getting involved in music to impress the ladies!

Mesa Temple Renovation Under Way: Visitors Center Demolished

The two-year renovation of the Mesa Arizona Temple and the surrounding area is under way, beginning with a major demolition effort that includes the removal of the Visitors Center, before the construction begins.

Mesa’s Founding Father Leads Well Through Trials and Adversity

One of Mesa’s four “founding fathers,” Charles Innes Robson, was born February 20, 1837, in England. He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he was 14. Three years later, without any family members accompanying him, Charles traveled to America with other English converts.

Strawberry Basil Jam: Sweet, Savory, Summery!

This jam, a take on the classic Kraft SURE-JELL recipe, is like a great pair of jeans. You can dress it up with wafers and fancy white cheese, or you can dress it down in a good ol’ fashioned PB & J. It’s perfect for all palates!

Enlist In The Youth Battalion

On June 3, 2018, President Russell M. Nelson turned his focus on the youth and provided a powerful call to arms to help them achieve just these goals. His counsel to be proactive with spiritual commitment is an action plan for all prospective missionaries.

It’s Academic! Two LDS All-Arizona Academic Team Students Rewarded For Academic Effort And Community Outreach

Recently, two Mesa Community College Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society students, Jacob Riddle and Johnathan Speakman, filled out scholarship applications. As a result, Riddle and Speakman were awarded spots on the All-Arizona Academic team and the prestigious All-USA Academic Team.

Life With Ginger: The Social Media Star Talks Instagram, Hats, And What She Keeps In Her Wallet

Ginger Parrish, the prominent Utah-based blogger, Instagram influencer, and owner of Gigi Pip hats, has a remarkable knack for drawing people in with her instant warmth and candor. Over 213,000 devoted Instagram followers and heavy-hitting sponsors like Target, McDonald’s and Home Depot would all agree: this woman is pure sunshine.

Kanab 2018 Writers Conference: Registration Open for Unique Writers Conference

Registration is now open for the seventh annual Kanab Writers Conference to be held October 11-13 in scenic Kane County, on the Arizona/Utah line.