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“For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul.” (D&C 4:4) Meet some…

What’s The Buzz? Letter From The Publisher

Those of us that celebrate Christmas have been accused of focusing more on the material than the spiritual. Images of people trampling others at Black Friday sales come to mind. Fortunately, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we understand that this is a season of giving true gifts rather than material gifts, of focusing on others rather than on ourselves, and of acting as Christ would act as he gave His gifts.

Have You Seen Norman Mouse?

Have you seen Norman Mouse, his Mama and Papa and little sister, Emily? They are a typical LDS family facing typical family issues. Norman is a featured guest in The Arizona Beehive. We hope you will grow to love Norman as we have.

The Last Round-up: Rockin’ R Ranch Closes After 35 Years Of Wrangling Old West Entertainment

After 35 years of providing spectacular scenery, delicious BBQ beef and chicken dinners, gunfights, gold panning and horse-drawn wagon rides, and world-famous western stage shows that drew millions of people from all over the world, the Rockin’ R Ranch is closing it gates.

Every Investigator Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Missionary! Preach Supply Outfits Missionaries For Success

While on his 2007 – 2009 mission to Madrid, Spain, Preach Supply founder Sam Jones realized that he was not enjoying any of these concepts. “I quickly understood that a baggy suit and bad-fitting shirts made me stand out as a bit of a sore thumb in an urban EU mission,” explains Jones.

I’ll Be Serving For Christmas: Making the Most of Your Christmas Call

The Christmas call home is the highlight of the holidays for both missionaries and those supporting them. Preparation can make this precious communication smooth and enjoyable.

Whoever Is Kind To The Poor Lends To The Lord: Gilbert’s Midwest Food Bank Replaces Hunger with Hope

Hunger, to the fortunate, might only register as the inconvenience of a few stomach pangs during fast Sunday. But for over 50 million Americans (over 16 million of whom are children), food insecurity is a real crisis. Midwest Food Bank seeks to alleviate their need.

#LightTheWorld Christmas 2018

For the 2018 Christmas season, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will reintroduce the worldwide #LightTheWorld invitation. This message focuses on the importance of treating others with Christlike love.

Children of Peace: A Celebration of Jewish Ancestry

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, at the Mesa Lehi Stake Center, members of the B’nai Shalom organization met for food, fun, dancing and a special presentation. B’nai Shalom means “Children of Peace,” which refers to those of Jewish ancestry who are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Backwards Piano Man: Jason Lyle Black Wows Crowds With Music And Comedy

There are a great many composers and musicians in the world. And there are a great many comedians in the world. But the number of musical composer/comedians whom Ellen DeGeneres herself has called “unbelievable” is few and far between: namely, Jason Lyle Black, the “Backwards Piano Man.”