Castle Floors Serving The Valley For 30 Years

Castle Floors Serving the Valley for 30 years

By Stacy Johnson

Castle Floors Serving the Valley for 30 years

Castle Floors has long been an icon in the east valley. Owned by Dean and Peggy Merrell of the Century Garden Ward in the Mesa Kimball East Stake, Castle Floors specializes in carpet sales and installation, ceramic and porcelain tile, travertine, stone, vinyl, wood floors and laminates.

Dean’s love of flooring stems from his employment doing carpet and furniture cleaning while a student at Brigham Young University.

Castle Floors Serving the Valley for 30 years

Owner Dean Merrell and the entire staff at Castle Floors boast remarkable product knowledge and offer attentive service as they help customers explore the many flooring options. Photo by Stacy Johnson

Brother Merrell started 30 years ago with hard work and focused attention to the customers’ needs, added his foresight and ability to keep pace with trends and has succeeded in building a company that customers recognize for superior personal service and product.

Originally called Castle Carpets, they upgraded the name of the business to support the trends and reflect the addition of more hard surface variety flooring. Castle Floors has continued to bring on new flooring and is always thinking into the future.

Dean says, “The current trend in flooring has expanded so much from carpeting…we’ve been watching this explosion in luxury vinyl right now, and we’ve already been selling it for about 20 years.”

They have also noticed a rise in real wood flooring in recent years.

“It’s become more affordable because so much of it is being made in China,” says Dean. “They’re making some high-grade products with European and Scandinavian technology. Wood is being manufactured at such lower prices than ever before, it’s just hard to resist.”

Dean insists that even with the trend to hard flooring, carpet will never go away. “Carpet is too nice of a surface. It is soft, comfortable, and it’s quiet. That’s why it will always remain.”

Even though the business began in the ‘80s during a recession, Castle Floors grew as it focused on remodels and fix ups. This focus has been to the company’s advantage through the years and during the most recent recession as well.

Dean says, “I’m surprised at how deep and long this last building slump has been, but remodels have remained steady.”

He says Castle Floors employees, with their years of combined experience and considerable training, contribute remarkable personal attention and product knowledge as they help customers understand the various options for new construction and remodels.

Dean says his customer base remains constant with former customers returning years later to update their flooring as well as ongoing referrals from their many satisfied customers over the years.

Castle Floors is located at 4500 East Main Street, #3, in Mesa. Their showroom is open Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To reach Castle Floors, call 480-396-6956.

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