Bloggernacle: Four LDS Blogs You Should be Following

For Church members, the rise of technology has ushered in a brave new world of Latter-day Saint media—among them, blogs. In our fast-paced world, there are many choices for Church-related reading material that go beyond the standard works. Here are four blogs in the LDS blogosphere you should be following (if you’re not already).

By Common Consent

Begun in 2004, By Common Consent (a nod to Joseph Smith’s 1830 revelation in Doctrine and Covenants about all things being done “by common consent”) is a hub for Latter-day Saint discussion. Doctrine, politics, culture, economics, arts and entertainment—you name it, and it’s fair game for a blog topic. While authors are independent and don’t claim to represent the Church, they “do represent a varied swath of their lived religion,” according to the blog’s “About” page. If you want to know what’s on the cutting edge of living, breathing LDS culture, By Common Consent is a great place to check. Posts are frequent, if not daily, and the conversation is robust.

Mormon Life Hacker

Mormon Life Hacker has been simplifying and consolidating your LDS media life since 2016. Edited, updated and authored by John Dye, director of social media strategy and influencer outreach for Bonneville Communications, Mormon Life Hacker grew out of the original 2006 Mormon Hacker site. The popular blog gives tips and resources for members who choose to take up the challenge of Elder Ballard and “thoughtfully allocate their resources of time, income, and energy,” as their website reports. With several posts a week, you can choose from such varied topics as David Archuleta song covers to a heads up on President Russell M. Nelson’s recent witness of Jesus Christ.

NieNie Dialogues

You’re reading NieNie Dialogues. Your Relief Society president is reading NieNie Dialogues. Your mother’s best friend’s Jewish hairdresser’s sister is reading NieNie Dialogues. Author Stephanie Nielson’s story is well-known: burned over 80% of her body following an airplane crash, Nielsen, now a New York Times best seller, continues to blog with grace and optimism about her husband, her children and “living a beautiful life despite pain and challenges.” The Mormon mommy blogger (whose sister writes the C Jane Enjoy It blog) shows readers how to parent, decorate, style themselves, get dinner on the table and find joy in the journey through a strong faith.

Mormon Music

Alex Boyé. Lindsey Stirling. And yes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The Mormon Music blog has it all: the hymns (even the obscure ones), the hits, and everything in between is covered on this well-read site, inspired by a mission to “share the light” through music, the universal language. Mormon Music is your source for what’s trending, new videos, concerts and events, and news from your favorite Latter-day Saint (and affiliated) musicians. Best of all, aspiring musicians are welcomed to submit their own covers for sharing and constructive feedback.

The so-called “Bloggernacle” is growing daily! Have a blog that you’d like us to cover? Drop us a line!

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