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Beehive Book Nook – Arizona Author Writes from the Heart about Facing Cancer

The Cancer Effect. Painted and designed by Abigail E. Fowkes

The Cancer Effect. Painted and designed by Abigail E. Fowkes

The Cancer Effect, by Claudia Bretzing, is a true, detailed story of dealing with cancer from first diagnoses through the healing journey. It is a candid road map of how to deal with cancer, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This book will bless many lives.

Shawna Banovich, a breast cancer survivor says, “The Cancer Effect is an extraordinary read. I couldn’t put it down! As a survivor, I felt like I was reading my own story. Claudia’s emotional and physical journey resonated with me as I connected heart to heart with her struggle to rise above the ‘rubble’ and ‘muck’ that comes with a cancer diagnosis.”

Richard Dinsdale, MD, is quoted on the book cover saying, “The Cancer Effect is more than about surviving cancer. It’s about conquering the trials and fears we will all eventually face.”

Author Claudia Bretzing. Photo by Randy Walker

Author Claudia Bretzing. Photo by Randy Walker

Bretzing, of the Mesa East Stake, is currently a Relief Society teacher and an ordinance worker in the Mesa Temple. She says, “This book took me six years to write because I needed that long to understand surviving . . . . . When I began writing this book, I wrote with the intention of helping others who were diagnosed with cancer. That is still my hope, but writing has come with an unexpected bonus. As I allowed myself to gradually open and scrutinize my complex emotions, I achieved personal healing.”

“Each step forward, though slow and often plodding, was a necessary stride toward learning and self-discovery,” says Bretzing.

“I don’t expect the road ahead to be free of struggles and surprises, but I no longer fear, and I’m comfortable with what I have become through this process . . . . Yes, I’m a survivor, and even if my battle resumes, I’m still victorious, because I learned to believe, to have faith, and to trust in God,” says Bretzing.

The Cancer Effect is currently available on Amazon and Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.

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  1. Isn’t it strange how cancer can be such a curse and yet at the same time be the source of so many blessings? Looking now in the rear view mirror, the value of those blessings and tender mercies are priceless. Although I wouldn’t want to see her go through that again, I also wouldn’t want to forefoot the journey.

  2. I loved Claudia’s book. I am blessed to have her as a friend and even more blessed that I could be there for her as she faced some of the same struggles and experiences that I had had as I fought my own battle.

    I recommend her book to anyone who is struggling with cancer or is watching someone who is battling it

    Unlike Claudia I was happy when I didn’t have hair to deal with and found it liberating and kind of funny. However, I struggled with losing who I was for a while. I wasn’t known as Cindy but as the women with four cancers. I was glad when it was over and could just be me again.

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