The Beehive Founders, Charlene and Richard Taylor

After three decades, the name The Beehive seems even more appropriate today than when it was first coined in 1975. The LDS newspaper that was started as a ward Relief Society newsletter has grown over the years into two major publications serving over 400,000 Latter-day Saints in Nevada and Arizona, while providing a sense of community and commonality among the Saints in the Southwest. Indeed, it could be said that The Beehive, founded by Richard and Charlene Taylor, has been “abuzz” since its beginnings 30 years ago, sharing events and accomplishments and striving to provide a source for the many acts of service that Saints contribute in their communities. The seeds for what would become The Beehive began in early 1975. Brother Taylor explains that, “The idea for The Beehive Newspaper came when my wife received a calling to write a newsletter for the Las Vegas 9th Ward Relief Society.” It didn’t take long before the phone was ringing at the Taylor household with news and events various sisters in the 9th Ward wanted included in the newsletter. Sister Taylor explains, “The sisters would even try to find me in the halls on Sundays because they had yet another story they wanted to report for the next edition of the Relief Society paper. The newsletter became an enormous success.”