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A Unique Assisted Living Alternative, LDS-owned Avista Senior Living Offers a Caring “Vista”

A Unique Assisted Living Alternative, LDS-owned Avista Senior Living Offers a Caring “Vista”

Faustina Puleo (center), a resident at Avista Mesa, celebrated her 100th birthday on June 25. She is joined by the community Executive Director, Mary Jackson (right), and Avista Founder & CEO, Kris Woolley. Photo courtesy Kristopher Woolley

Approximately three years ago, Mesa-based Avista Senior Living, was launched by Kris Woolley of the Hermosa Vista Ward in the Hermosa Vista Stake. Since that time, Avista has acquired and operates two assisted living communities, one in Mesa and another in Phoenix. With a dedicated team of more than 110 employees, Avista’s mission is to enrich the lives of the residents who live at its communities. Among the many assisted living alternatives available in the East Valley, Avista is unique in that its headquarters are located in downtown Mesa. Also, the fact that the company is LDS-owned and operated further differentiates Avista from many of the out-of-state chains and publicly traded alternatives.

After graduating from Harvard Business School in 2005, Avista founder and CEO Kris Woolley spent six years with a national apartment development and management company that was based on the East Coast. During that time, he led the company’s efforts into the senior apartment segment of the market. In the process, he discovered a passion for working with seniors, and he tried to convince his former company to expand into assisted living. When he realized the company wasn’t going to commit to this path, he decided it was time to form a new company, dedicated to providing excellent housing and assisted care to the aging senior population in Arizona.

The name Avista comes from the root word, “vista,” which has reference to a scenic or panoramic view. As someone who has always loved hiking and climbing mountains, and enjoying the rewarding views from the peak, Woolley realized there was an analogy in the lives of the seniors his company serves.

“Many of our residents have lived long and rewarding lives. Every single one has a unique and interesting life story. The years of experience give our residents a wonderful perspective and panoramic view as they stand upon the pinnacle of the mountain that they have climbed during their own lives. Our goal is to provide a caring and dignified environment that will allow for maximum fulfillment by our residents at this stage in their life’s journey.”

Consistent with this theme, on June 25, the team and residents at Avista’s Mesa campus (248 N Macdonald in Mesa) will celebrate the 100th birthday of Faustina Puleo, one of their cherished residents. According to Mary Jackson, Avista Mesa’s Executive Director, “Faustina is most happy when she has someone to visit with. She is friendly to all, both residents and staff members alike. Her smile lights up the entire room when she walks in. We are proud of Faustina for reaching this milestone in her life. We are delighted to have her as part of our Avista family, and we wish her many more Happy Birthdays to come.”

To learn more, visit www.avistaseniorliving.com or call 480-827-2222.

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