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A Picture Is Worth A Lifetime, Plus One Hundred Years: Forever Online Photo Storage

To the casual observer Kim Hicks appears to be just like any other person, but this Senior Lead Ambassador has a passion for helping others preserve their family’s history.  Her website,, is ready to help people from all walks of life to digitally record and store their memories for, “a lifetime, plus a hundred years guaranteed.” With over 25 years of experience, Hicks knows about the preservation of beloved family memories.

What sets FOREVER™ apart from the rest is that they offer permanent electronic storage for important family memories with a guarantee to maintain and upgrade the files for generations to come. FOREVER™ includes unique features such as succession rights, which allow an individual’s collection of memories to be passed on from generation to generation, as well as retaining sole ownership of all content stored by FOREVER™.

A collage of some of Hicks’ projects, and various outdated memory storage systems. Photo by Kim Hicks

A collage of some of Hicks’ projects, and various outdated memory storage systems.
Photo by Kim Hicks

Hicks shares the benefits of using her services: “[Clients] have a backup version in case of loss or disaster. [They can] easily share memories with other family members, as well as view and enjoy inaccessible memories due to outdated formats and equipment such as slide projectors and video machines. [Preservation] of a family historian’s collection for future generations. No need to worry about hard copies deteriorating or getting lost.” Also, no need to worry about hard drives crashing, data becoming corrupted or file types that are no longer supported.

Kim shared, “I read this quote today, ‘A man that procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.’ Every single day, I hear people say things like, ‘I need to do something about my photos or videos,’ as if they are waiting for some magical perfect moment. [And I wonder,] why are you waiting? Let me help you.”

With an estimated 7.5 trillion photos taken every year, that’s a lot of pictures to store. Considering that many people still have hard copies of photographs, home movies in various formats, and other important memories stored away in their homes; using Forever™ becomes a way to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and advancements that have happened over the past 20-30 years when it comes to pictures and videos. This method of storing memories makes accessing them from most anywhere, for any family member, very convenient.

Hicks shared a particularly meaningful story that expresses exactly why she loves what she does in “helping people [to] make sense of their photo mess.”

“I take a lot of pictures and videos of everything around me. I used to think that was lame, but once I lost people, and years passed, and I started to forget the sounds of their voices and the lines on their skin, I changed my mind. I’d rather have too many memories than not enough.”

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