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A Movie-ing Experience! Advantage Auto Glass Replacement and Tinting Specializes In Customer Satisfaction

Advantage Auto Glass was started back 1999 by local business and family man, Jeremy Solheim.  He began with a mobile glass service. As the business continued to grow, the company eventually found their current location. He has since expanded his business to another location in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he served his mission.

While you can choose to have the convenient mobile service come to your door, a visit to Advantage Auto Glass’s “brick and mortar” location is a singularly unique experience. “We want people to be happy with their entire experience, as well as with the service provided,” says DeAnne Crandall, Advantage Auto Glass’s marketing director.

In-house movie theater with 17-foot screen!   (Photo courtesy of DeAnne Crandall)

In-house movie theater with 17-foot screen! (Photo courtesy of DeAnne Crandall)

They boast an in-shop movie theater, complete with leather recliners and a seventeen-foot-tall screen.  The theater is stocked with snacks like ice cream, popcorn, candy and assorted drinks.  While a window replacement service takes about thirty to forty minutes to complete, many people will bring their kids and watch an entire movie.  Advantage Auto Glass is very family friendly.

They are also one of the few auto glass companies in the Valley that offer free chip repair. “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Jeremy wants every customer to be happy with their service. He is confident that if he makes a friend, then they will want to come back here again when they need a replacement,” says DeAnne. “We have customers that come back from as far away as Phoenix, Snowflake and Peoria.”

Advantage Auto Glass location on North Rosemont (Photo courtesy of DeAnne Crandall)

Advantage Auto Glass location on North Rosemont (Photo courtesy of DeAnne Crandall)

Known as a zero deductible state, Arizona requires insurance companies to allow those with vehicle comprehensive insurance to pay for and add windshield replacement with no deductible to their policies. “It’s because of all the rocks and gravel—we literally decorate with it here—and driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous,” DeAnne says. “The Arizona heat can make it expand even quicker.”

Some companies will offer you a movie voucher or a free dinner, but Jeremy will give you actual cash back in your hand.  Or, if you are feeling really lucky, you can choose to go in the Money Booth (similar to the one seen on the Ellen Show) for 20 seconds and grab as much cash as you can as it flies about you in gusts of booth-generated wind.

Advantage Auto Glass has received multiple five-star reviews on Yelp for their outstanding service.

“I have used their services,” says customer Laurie Alberti-Hill. “They were nice, friendly, and that movie screen is huge! Watching a movie helped the time go by faster. I will definitely use them again.”

Advantage Auto Glass is located at 1810 North Rosemont, Suite 103, in Mesa, just west of Higley Road and south of East McKellips Road. They can also be reached by phone at 480-892-7633.

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