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A Man Who Likes A Puzzle: LDS Vein Doc Ryan Jones Opens New West Valley Practice

“It may sound cliché,” says United States Air Force veteran and doctor Ryan Jones, “but I really wanted to help people.”

In a medical career that has spanned well over a decade, Jones has done just that. Following his recent retirement from the Air Force, the returned missionary and West Valley father of five has started a practice—the Vein Envy—and found new ways to help his patients.

Jones’ interest in medicine stems back to his two-year service as a missionary in Brazil, where he “was able to help out people who weren’t able to help themselves,” he says. A man who likes a puzzle, Jones adds, “I enjoy the challenge that medicine provides.  No two patients are the same.  Some patients may have visited a dozen doctors without a diagnosis. I love finding the answers and solutions.”

After his undergraduate work at Utah State University, Jones attended Midwestern University and did his surgical training at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, a level one trauma hospital. There he gained training in venous and vascular surgery. A thirteen-year career in the United States Air Force followed, and Jones found ways to put his medical training to use. In the summer of 2016 Jones performed a medical mission in Honduras during which he completed over 100 surgeries.

Dr. Ryan Jones, pictured with his wife, Taya, and five children, opened Vein Envy after a 13-year career in the United States Air Force. Photo by Kirstynn Evans

Dr. Ryan Jones, pictured with his wife, Taya, and five children, opened Vein Envy after a 13-year career in the United States Air Force. Photo by Kirstynn Evans

He cites one life-or-death situation as an example of the unique opportunities afforded to him through his Air Force medical career: “I debrided a leg of an 8-year-old who was bit by a local venomous snake and was mistreated by a ‘witch doctor’ in the mountains,” he says.

Of course, his new clients’ ailments are a little less exotic now. Vein Envy, Jones’ new practice, is an outgrowth of a phlebology practice he began at Luke Air Force Base. Back in the civilian world, Jones treats a variety of conditions and symptoms ranging from skin ulcerations to varicose veins to restless leg syndrome in patients both young and old.

“Most physicians don’t have answers for patients with vein issues . . . It’s usually chalked up to cosmetic issues, or an issue that can’t be corrected,” he says. Jones explains that this is usually the result of vein pathology not being taught in medical school or residencies. “When they come to my office, they finally receive answers.”

Vein Envy offers not only relief, but convenience.

“Vein surgery has had huge advancements,” Jones says. “No longer are we needing to do big surgeries for veins in the hospital and perform vein strippings where there is a large amount of bruising and long down times.  We can now do a procedure in the office that has no downtime, no pain meds required, and no large surgical incisions needed. It is easier than a dental procedure,” he jokes.

More than mere convenience, Jones’ patients have the benefit of a caring, Christian doctor who treats them like one of his own.

“I love being able to provide an experience that they wouldn’t expect from a doctor and his office staff.  It’s nice to see my patients look forward to coming in to the office as though they were visiting a family member or friend,” he says.

Got vein problems? Visit Vein Envy at La Loma Medical Plaza, 14044 West Camelback Road, Suite 226, in Litchfield Park, or call 623-233-1050 for an appointment today.

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