Testimony of Book of Mormon Heals Lisp

101Gaining a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon changed the life of Elder Mason Trudeau. Currently serving a mission in Chile Concepcion South Mission, Elder Trudeau is the son of Paul and Lynda Trudeau of Gilbert Greenfield Stake.

One of Elder Trudeau’s favorite scriptures is in Moses 6:31, where the Lord calls Enoch to preach the gospel. Enoch replies, “Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight …for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant?”

Elder Trudeau says, “This scripture means so much to me because growing up, until I was 15, I spoke with a lisp. And I hated it. I sounded like Sid the Sloth from [the movie] ‘Ice Age.’ I never wanted to read out loud in class, let alone speak. I didn’t like talking to new people because they would always ask why I sounded the way I did.”

He adds, “I had been taking speech therapy since second grade and did not have any progress whatsoever.” He explains that speech therapy was tedious and difficult, consisting of doing drills to practice the sounds he had trouble with. He spent hours trying to put the correct sound at the beginning, middle and end of words, repeating those words, then putting the words into sentences, all the while concentrating on making the right sound.

His practice was accompanied by prayer.

“In my prayers I would repeatedly ask Heavenly Father to help me talk normal and ask, ‘Why do I have to sound like this?'”

As a freshman in high school his confidence waned, and he focused on a different goal.

“It was during this time that I had a desire to read the Book of Mormon and gain my own personal testimony of the gospel,” he says. “I never really doubted it was true, but I wanted to find out for myself. I diligently studied the scriptures every day. I would go up on the roof of our house to read. I thought by going up there I was going to see a miraculous vision or something like that.”

When he finished reading, he prayed. At first, “I didn’t feel anything or get my vision,” he says. “It wasn’t until a few days later while I was watching the movie, ‘Saints and Soldiers.’ Toward the end of the movie one the medics picks up the Book of Mormon from another soldier and it was at that moment that I knew without a doubt of its truth. And that Spirit I felt was overpowering.”

Elder Trudeau concludes, “Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions. …Jesus repeatedly emphasized the power of good thoughts and proper motives: ‘Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.'” (D & C 6:36.)

Elder Trudeau recognized, as he did so, another miracle had occurred.

“It wasn’t until those few weeks after I gained my personal testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ that there started to be progress in my speech. I started doing everything correctly with ease and, in a matter of days, my lisp was corrected.”

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